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Sports Practice


Providing a safe venue for girls to engage in sports activities to benefit from the positive impact of sports on physical wellbeing, self-esteem, personal development, life skills development, and overall autonomy. 



More than 400 girls in 27 youth centers across 12 governorates regularly attend sports practice, participate in local and national competitions, and have acquired life skills and confidence.

Sports as a Tool of Empowerment for Females  

The positive impact of sports on health, self-esteem and personal development makes it an efficient and comprehensive tool of empowerment for girls.  Girls who play sports learn goal setting skills, learn teamwork, have positive energy, do better at school and have a successful future. Further, exercise improves memory, and concentration, which can give active girls an advantage in the classroom.



The Empowerment of Girls through Sports (EGS) project has managed to improve the level of girls’ participation in sports across 12 governorates. The girls mainly practice track and field sports including long distance runs, short distance runs, high jumps, javelin throw and shot put.

Girls from different governorates demonstrated during field visits, focus group discussions and gathered testimonials that the creation of a safe training space has supported their physical and mental growth, allowed them to gain leadership and life skills and enabled them to smoothly transition into confident and fulfilling people who are able to disseminate information and guide others.

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