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Learn more about us

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the civic and social empowerment of teenage girls and young women. EGS focuses on strengthening the capacity of Egyptian sports organizations to promote and offer inclusive and gender sensitive access to sport practice and competitions in rural areas.

It is implemented by North South Consultants Exchange (NSCE) in cooperation with the Egyptian Athletics Federation; and funded by the Netherlands embassy as well as private funds.

The project aims to provide a safe training venue for the girls to practice sports as well as support the capacity building of coaches, girls and community members through education on nutrition, health, leadership and lifeskills; to support girls’ self confidence and physical and mental growth.

Sports have a positive impact on health, self-esteem and personal development, and is an efficient and comprehensive tool of empowerment for girls.

Girls acquire basic life skills, leadership skills, and knowledge on nutrition for a healthy mind in a healthy body, with the aim
of empowering them to become leaders in their community.

Our vision
Our vision
Main Focus
Main focus

Increasing access to sports practice to support the girls’ physical wellbeing and allow them to gain life skills and leadership skills.

Disseminating information and education on nutrition, health aspects, leadership and positive change to create an enabling environment where the girls, their families and local actors will be willing to reflect positive attitudes and disseminate further the values and behavioural aspects they have acquired.

Formalizing partnerships with the concerned organizations, the Egyptian Athletics Federation and the Youth Centers and Clubs to secure the sustainability of the project.

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Specific Objectives
  • Implement a pilot/demonstration initiative to raise awareness about the positive impact of sports and nutrition among adolescent girls and their families by developing the potential of 22 winning teams of adolescent girls and trained in 22 well-trained youth centers across Egypt.

  • Promote and support the capacities of local youth and sports centers to promote and enhance the positive effects and benefits of sport on the mental and physical health of adolescent girls in local communities and allow the practice of sport on a large and comprehensive scale, taking into account gender.

  • Supporting the ability of the Egyptian Athletics Federation to promote nutritional values ​​related to sports and a comprehensive approach to gender sensitivity concerning sports practices and competitions.

Scope of work
Partnership with EAF
partnership with EAF!

The project is implemented in partnership with the Egyptian Athletic Federation and the Youth Clubs making it sustainable as it has an impact on the centres and the federation’s procedures for a more gender inclusive operational policies. 

Strengthening the lobbying capacity of the Egyptian Athletics Federation promotes sports nutrition values and an inclusive and gender sensitive approach of sports practices and competitions. 

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