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  • Encourage the girls to continue playing sports from home

  • Use the Facebook page as a platform for girls to disseminate knowledge and use their voices to educate their community on the importance of sports

  • Spread awareness on COVID19 and importance of sports and proper nutrition for better immunity



 a) From Home Sports Competition # 1


The girls of the project were encouraged to make and send us videos of themselves playing sports from home for reposting on the project’s Facebook Page and the video with the most likes is the winning video.



  •  24 girls from 7 different governorates participated in the challenge and shared very innovative workouts with available resources at home to intensify their workouts.

  • The girls and coaches encouraged community members/ family members to go on the Go Girls Page and hence enhancing the visibility of the project.

  • The videos reached a lot of people. Some videos reached more than 4000 people.


 b) From Home Sports Competition # 2


The girls of the project were encouraged to send us a 2 minute video that incorporates the following:

  • An introduction on the importance of proper nutrition and playing sports in this critical time and encouraging others to play sports.

  • A video of themselves displaying their creativity while taking part in a diversified home workout with a family member.



  • 37 girls participated in the challenge.

  • The winning girls were selected according to an evaluation criterion rather than number of likes: the introduction on sports, diversification and creativity of the workout and having a family member participate with them.



 c) UNESCO Sports Challenge to Fight against Covid 19 


 Girls and coaches (between 15-35 years old) were encouraged to participate in  the sports challenge held across all Africa for fighting Covid 19 by making videos of themselves taking part in any sporting activity from home.



Coach Hasnaa who was previously one of the training girls along with 3 other running girls from Luxor participated in the competition.


 d) Running Challenge  25K-50K


 Girls and coaches are encouraged to participate in a running competition, where they run 25 -50  km in 3 weeks using on application for tracking their runs.



34 girls and 2 coaches participated in the competition. The winning girl ran 100k in 3 weeks.

Girls Online Competitions
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