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EAF and Youth Centers Board Members Seminars on Gender


Develop and implement board members training and practical workshops for generalizing and replicating project activities and objectives:

  • Board members of the Egyptian Athletic Federation (EAF)

  • Board members of partner youth centers and clubs


The overall objective is fostering board members to be agents of change, supporting and replicating project activities and achieving the project aims and objectives around stigma reduction, promoting an inclusive and gender sensitive approach of sports practices and competitions as well as promoting proper nutrition.  


Seminars Overview

A 1-day seminar was implemented with the board members of the Egyptian Athletics Federation in addition to a 2-day seminar with the board members and directors of the partner youth centers and clubs covering gender concepts, gender equality, the importance of female participation in sports activities in female empowerment as well as approaches for community mobilization and the role of sports organizations in promoting proper nutrition. 

Expected Outcomes 

After the board members training, the board members would be able to develop action plans and support efficient implementation of project activities related to inclusive and gender sensitive access to sport practice and promoting proper nutrition. 

The board members should be able to gain and apply leadership, governance, and management skills in the context of supporting, and promoting the project related objectives.


Program Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of the objectives of the project as well as prominent gender and nutrition issues.

  • Board members become aware of leadership and governance best practices as well as their roles and responsibilities for supporting project objectives.

  • Board members become aware of resource mobilization modules to assist in realizing their circles of influence, building networks, and developing fund raising plans for the overall sustainability of the project.

  • Board members developed action plans in support of project objectives and the continuity of project activities (integration of gender + proper nutrition)

  • Board members realized their roles as powerful entities in supporting change and reaching out to community members and various stakeholders to begin considering action and changes. 

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