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Awarness Raising Performance


Teenage girls and community members become aware of Sport’s positive social impacts on females and support girls’ participation in sports activities.



To ensure a wider outreach, the project has developed an awareness raising performance held by El Khayal Al Shaabi 'Popular imagination' Theatre Group to the community to reach a wide set of people on sport related gender issues, dismantle gender stereotypes in sports and enhance girls self- esteem.

 10 Awareness Raising Performances on the importance of sports and nutrition for girls were implemented in 9 governorates for more than 1000 individuals, including girls, parents, coaches and local community members.  


Specific Objectives

The objectives of the Awareness Raising Performance are as follows:

  • Raise the trust of the community in the project and make sure they are aware of the values of the project and are in support of it

  • Raise awareness about the importance of girls participation in sports, the importance of balanced nutrition and leadership

  • Maintain the trust of family members and make sure they remain in support of the project

  • Reach more people and attract new adolescent girls

Some of the girls’ testimonials at the end of the performance came as follows:


Habiba Ramadan

“The performance was entertaining, delivering important messages in a funny way. Both old and young people get the message”.



“I really liked the play. It taught us that we should eat healthy food, healthy food, protein, and vitamins”

The Head of the Nile Museum who hosted the last event, was so happy and even asked us: “How can I make my daughter participate and practice sports?”

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